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Operation Tantalus

Science fiction fans that we are, we did our best to pay homage to our favorite science fiction works. Throughout Operation Tantalus, you can find our tributes to the movies we love best!

But rather than blurt them all out, we have decided to give you a chance to flaunt your knowledge and prowess.

Henceforth, this page will be dedicated to those both skilled in arts of Marathon AND versed in the genre of science fiction.

***But don't limit your scope to just movies!!!***
Special awards to those who find our most obscure references...

Recognition will be given to the first person to email us with the discovery! The person with the most discoveries will be honored by us in our next map!


Movie Reference LEADERS
as of August 12, 1996 12:00 PM
NAME # of Ref's
Rich Williams NINE (9) References
Claude Errera THREE (3) References
Your name here! ***** ?????
Matt Hicks It just occurred to me that "Gideon" must be a reference to "The Mark of Gideon" -- the overpopulated planet episode of Star Trek TOS. Now why wasn't part of that level swarming with Bobs?

{Because Matt found this reference, I told him why...}

Rich Williams (Regarding the name "TRHALLS")
Oh...duh...this one was right in my face and I didn't even notice it...It's from the same "Gamesters of Triskellion" episode; Cap'n Kirk and his crew battle the other enslaved "thralls" for the entertainment of the "Providers".
Rich Williams There's also the repeated mentioning of the Heisenberg Teleporters throughout OT. Is this the same Heisenberg as the Heisenberg in the "Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle"?

{Yes, it is...}

Matt Hicks This one's probably already been noted (although I don't see it on the reference page anywhere), but "Temple of Doom" is from "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom."

{It's noted now, and attributed to you.}

Rich Williams In Castle Phorenstein, a terminal describes High Security Research Station Zebra. I'm betting that the "Station Zebra" part is a reference to the cold war flick, "Ice Station Zebra", 1968.

{Winner, seven. Pay the man...}

Rich Williams On one particular stage (which I can't remember right now) there's a terminal that describes certain characteristics of Dr. Seth's cyborgs. The model number, 101, is the same model number of Ahhnolds Terminator, now outdated (hardware technology certainly is fast moving in the Terminator universe). I have no idea what that little bit of gibberish below the catchphrase on the title page is...hmm...

{ Hmmmm, indeed!}

Rich Williams The little set of phrases in the OT title page, "Mjolnir Cyborg...Mk XII... Cyborg Tissue Regeneration..Sequence Initiated...etc..." is a takeoff of one of the early trailers for Terminator 2, in which we see Mr. Shwarzenegger's cyborg skeleton get a nice coating of skin. 2/22/96
Rich Williams Couple off shots that are probably waaaay off: Didn't they refer to the prototype nuclear bombs at Los Alamos during WWII as "gadgets"?

{ Yes, they did!!! And that is exactly where we got the reference}

Rich Williams In Dad's House, there's a terminal that mentions "Security directive LV426". LV426 is the designation of the planet in Alien and Aliens.

{Hmmmmmm, how many times have you seen these movies, Richard? =) }

Rich Williams (Refering to a term in "LOST CITY)..."Offworld Enterprises" (Offworld was a term in BR that refered, in general, to anyplace other than Earth). 2/20/96
Rich Williams There's some small references made to terms in Blade Runner in a terminal in "Lost City". One - the "retiring" of rampant cyborgs (Blade Runners "retired" rogue replicants).

Rich Williams Anyone who's a rabid fan of Aliens will immediately recognize the sounds in OT (which I, personally, think it slightly detracts from OT, because some of the sound are overdone, especially the hideous 110 decibel "AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!" that the Bob's occosionally spew. But just IMO.)

They will also immediately recognize the names of the specialists in Castle Phorenstein, who are Wierzbouski (Wierzbowski), Hutson (Hudson), and Drake.

Claude Errera "In Dad's House, the term next to Seth's room mentions 'Gadget T-1000 active'. Is this a Terminator reference? (And is it talking about the red hulk, who's pretty cool, in any case?)"

{Claude, you're right about the T-1000 reference. The red hulk (and other red-vested cyborgs) are called "gadgets" by Seth and his men but we borrowed the term "Gadget" from another source. It is its own reference and is still up for grabs. =) }

Claude Errera "Joshua (who explains where to find the HFET device) is right out of War Games (a great movie, btw)." {Another score for Claude!} 2/14/96
Rich Williams "...on your OT story page this statement is made: 'Everything regarding this matter was quickly dropped when an alien vessel was detected off the shoulder of Orion by a long range communication array.'

"'Off the shoulder of Orion' is a direct quote from Blade Runner. Rutger Hauer's character, Roy Batty, explains how he has 'seen things [earth lubbing humans] wouldn't believe...attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion'".
{Affirmative, Rich!}

Brian Blovett "The 'Positronic' brains in the cyborgs Dr. Seth is making are the prime component of Lt. Cmdr. Data of Star Trek:TNG. The concept was actually first thought up by Isaac Asimov." 1/16/96
Brian Blovett "The very name of your scenario (which I have not had the chance to play yet) is either from 'Dagger of the Mind' of 'Mirror, Mirror' -- both episodes of Star Trek: TOS."
{Jim and I were thinking of "Dagger of the Mind" when we were considering titles for OT. Way to go Brian!}
Claude Errera Gamesters of Pfhorskellion is a tribute to Gamesters of Triskellion from Star Trek: TOS. 12/14/95

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