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level view - Pfhor Line

Help Details:
Author: C Lund

Notes: The projectile fighters outside the cells were originally enforcers. I replaced them because they made the level completely unplayable on TC.

Mission Type: Exploration


  1. Entry point. You'll start out in one of these cells. Durandal is nice enough to give you a x1 shield powerup and open the door for you.

  2. Read this terminal for instructions from Durandal and he'll open the door to 3 for you.

  3. Pick up the AR and stuff here.

  4. Use this save terminal. Often.

  5. These are two of the three places that need to be explored for the mission to be completed. The third one is at 4. Log on to the terminal at 2 to be taken to "Beg Borrow, and Steal" via "Rozinante X".


  1. Dive into the plasma and swim around to this shelf. You'll find a x3 powerup.

  2. a-c Jump into the plasma at a, climb out at b - which is hard to do since you've got two angry enforcers shooting at you, and shoot your way to c, where you'll find a rocket launcher.

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