Beg, Borrow, and Steal
level view - Pfhor Plank

Help Details:
Author: Tim Thomas put down the polygons. C Lund did the textures, shadings, monsters, sounds, and other stuff.

Notes: The terminal text warns you to stay close to the core to avoid getting lost. Heed that warning or you *will* get lost. Even the waypoints on this map are of little use in this multilevel maze.

Mission Type: Repair


  1. Entry point. This is also where the player leaves. Once the mission is accomplished, log on and be taken to "Fear Uncertainty and Doubt".

  2. a-d This is the fastest route to the target wires. Once through the doors at a, take to the left until you reach the door at b. Then up the stairs along the plasma pool until you reach c. Drop down the shaft. Watch out for the looker down there. There are rechargers near both c and d. Use them.

    Waypoint 2a:

    Waypoint 2c:

  3. These are the wires. Lower the platform to get to them. You can't go back the way you came, so you'll have to cross the bridge.

  4. a-d This is the fastest route back to 1. From b, follow the ledge against the clock until you come to the platform not far from the 2a waypoint (but not on the same floor). Take the platform up to the top, get off, and go to c and then to d. Note that when you turn the corner at d you will be facing lots of enemies. When they are dealt with, head back in the direction of the 2a waypoint (again on a different floor) and from there towards 2b (this time for real; you're almost back where you started). Then return to 1 via 2a.

    Waypoint 4a

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