Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt
level view - Pfhor Line

Help Details:
Author: C Lund

Notes: The terminals were originally meant to be full of anti-Durandal propaganda from Tycho. Thus the title.

Mission Type: NA


  1. Entry point. There is a projectile pfhor right behind you. The tar won't kill you but it will strip your shields. try not to spend too much time in there.

  2. It would be a good idea to come here to save, power up your shields, and pick up some ammo... but you don't have to.

  3. Get rid of the wasps and stuff before doing any pillar-hopping.

  4. Mind the trooper. Head up the stairs when he's gone and keep on moving towards 5.

  5. Jump over this chasm and head up the stairs. Then on to 6.

  6. There is a save terminal right above and behind this position. It would be a good idea to use it. However, doing so will release a rather unpleasant variety of PCM.

  7. Jump across to this ledge - after killing whatever might be on it. It would probably be a good idea to have your shotguns ready when going up the stairs.

  8. More pillar-hopping across to this area.

  9. Watch out for the lookers and stuff in here - the chamberlain in particular. Your shields are dead if you let it get too close.

  10. This is where you leave the level. Log on and go to "Wading in Vitriol".


  1. To get here, do *not* go to 2 (the waypoint, not the secret) first. Instead, head straight for 3 and 4, and then take the door right in front of you.

  2. a-b After using the pattern buffer at 6 head back to a. Flip the switch, and then flip it off again after it's been on long enough for the door at b to open, but not long enough for it to close. Then go to b.

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