Okenfenokee Tourist Trail
level view - Pfhor Plank

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Author: C Lund

Notes: The level "Corpses needed" (by Chris Wondra) used to be here, but a rather serious bug caused by some really complex switches and anvil hacks made the level unusable. Pity really. So the solution was for me to toss together a new level. This one. It seems to have worked out fine. The inspiration to this level was one of the worlds in "Myst". I think it was called "Channelwood", but I'm not sure.

Mission Type: Repair


  1. Entry point.

  2. Take out the enforcer. Tab the switch cover, and then the switch. Look out the window, and you'll see the circuit shield come down. Shoot the circuit.

  3. Take this lift up into the canopy.

  4. There is an enforcer at both these locations. Take them out. Then flip the switches. These will lower the forcefield that prevents you from lowering the other two circuit shields.

  5. a-b At both these locations is a switch and switch cover as in 2. Lower the switch covers, flip the switches, and watch the circuit guards come down. Destroy circuits. When both of those are destroyed, the level is completed. Log on to the nearest terminal to leave. Note that they won't take you to the same levels; a will take you to "Frog Blasting", while b will take you to "Blasted Frogs".

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