Frog Blasting / Blasted Frogs
level view - Pfhor Plank

Frog Blasting:

Blasted Frogs:

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Author: C Lund

Notes: The first section of Frog Blasting was originally part of the main map in Endymio - a map that I made for the Bungie mapmaking competition. I wasn't quite happy with the result, so I ripped out the oldest polys and replaced them with some new stuff. The result was Blasted Frogs. The other contributors seemed to like both levels, so I decided to include them both as parallell levels. The waypoints on the maps are the same on both levels.

Mission Type: Retrieval


  1. Entry point.

  2. a-c This is the shortest route to 3.

  3. Flip this switch and watch the water level drop. The door to 4 is now open.

  4. Save here before continuing. The next pattern buffer is at the exit of the level. You can't get in here without first going to 3.

  5. Jump down here and go through the door. You'll be greeted by a swarm of drones.

  6. The uplink chip is hanging in midair in the gap in the walkway to the west. Take the lift to the north to get to it.

  7. Once you have to chip, jump down to this walkway and follow it west and then south. Don't waste your bullets on the juggernaut. Just run. Try not to get hit.

  8. Go through this door.

  9. Log on and be taken to "Sodding the Logs".


  1. a-h This is rather intricate but it's worth it. Flip the switch at a. It lowers the wall at b so you can go to c where there is a platform that takes you up to a balcony from where you can jump to d, which is a very narrow shelf on a pillar. Doing so will activate a swarm of drones, so you'd better have your fusion rifle ready. Once the drones are dealt with (it might be easier to just jump off, destroy the drones, and then take the platform back up) you can hop down to the pillar at e, which is also a platform that will start rising when you land on it. When it reaches the top, you'll be able to hop over to f. Follow the ledge west and south and you'll be able to hop over the gap at g, from where you'll have no trouble finding h. Apart from the rather large pile of ammo and stuff, the terminal here will take you to a secret level; "Breathing Nothing At All" - provided you have the chip. As the level name implies, "Breathing Nothing" is a vacuum level, so don't go in on an empty tank.

Secrets 1c, 1d, 1e, and 1f

     2.  Frog Blasting only: Tabbing the wall to the north will open a secret door which gives you access to a x2 recharger and an oxygen cannister and some missiles. It can be reached from above as well, provided one has gone through 1 first.

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