Molten Dihydrogen Oxide
level view - Pfhor Plank

Help Details:
Author: C Lund

Notes: This was the first level I made specifically for Rubicon - or "Chimera", as it was called back then. It was also supposed to be my only level.

Mission Type: Repair.


  1. Entry point. You might want to go to the pattern buffer to the west before continuing.

  2. Destroy all the PCMs and kill the lookers and wasps. Jump into this lake and find the tunnel. Go in.

  3. a-d Swim through a and to b. Take the platform at c and then go to d and from there to 4. Note that this isn't the only way through here; it's just the easiest way.

  4. Smash the wires here per the instructions on the terminal to complete the level mission.

  5. Log on these terminals and be taken to the next level; "Deep In the Aardvarks".


  1. The plants east and south of this small plateau can be destroyed. That will give you access to the stuff on top.

  2. This secret is hard to get to; once the wires at 4 are smashed, rush out on top of the sinking door and run towards the other end. Flip around and do a rocket jump. That might be sufficient to get you in.

  3. a-b Jump up to the small pillar at a using the rocket launcher. That will teleport you to b.

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