level view - Salinger Line

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Author: Chris Wondra

Notes: This map was originally part of Wondra's "The BioTech" scenario, and as such has been retextured a couple of times. C Lund has done some tweaking and debugging. Note that this is a vacuum level. From the player's point of view, this map is almost as complicated as "Five Finger Discount". From the mapmaker's point of view, it's more complicated.

Mission Type: Retrieval


  1. Entry point.

  2. Take this platform down one floor and go to 3.

  3. This room has ammo, rechargers, and a pattern buffer. Use them and then go back to 2. Ride it down one more floor and head for 4.

  4. In the area ahead and to the right of you are a couple of compilers and some fighters. The door to your right is closed. For now. Jump down to 5.

  5. Use the pattern buffer and head for 6.

  6. The platform ahead of you has two levels. The first takes you to 7, and the second takes you to 8.

  7. You don't have to go here to complete the mission. All you find is a bunch of pfhor and s'pht and a small amount of ammo. But you might want to go here if you're running low.

  8. a-f Kill the troopers at a and then send the platform down to 6. It might be a good idea to take the platform at b down to the floor as well, just in case you want a quick escape route. Take out the pfhor you encounter on the floor and tab the hole in the wall at c. Go back to b and wait for the blast. Return to c and go through the hole in the wall and continue to d. Flick the switch. If all you see on the other side of the door is a wall, then you forgot to send the platform at a down. Otherwise, jump across the shaft to e, and then head to f where you can jump down and go to 9.

    Waypoint 8c

  9. This can be a frustrating place for players unaccustomed to the bizarre midair-turning allowed by the marathon engine. Keep at it until you get to the top and head for 10.

  10. Clear out the monsters and go to 11. It might be a good idea to go to 3 first.

  11. There are a lot of pfhor in this area. You can save ammo by running around the monsters a couple of times. Chances are they'll start fighting each other.

  12. This is where you'll find the uplink chip you're looking for. Grab it and head for a terminal. Log on and you'll be taken to "Revenge of the Lysol Lady" via "Things May Happen IV". Note that when you step into the light a large swarm of fighters will teleport in.

  13. This area had a function in a previous incarnation of the map. No longer. It is now closed off and you can't get in.

  1. Smashing these wires will open the door at 4.

  2. Smashing these wires opens the door between 7 and 8c.

  3. a-b While standing at a, tab the light to your right and then go through the wall that opened at b. Then keep on going. You'll find a cache with lots of stuff, including an invulnerability powerup.

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