Like Flies on a Corpse
level view - Chimera Line

Help Details:
Author: C Lund

Notes: This level was originally an exploration level; wander around, read the terminals, leave. But this left the players confused and without any goal. So the key card was put in.

Mission Type: Retrieval


  1. Entry point. When the level is complete, jump into one of the teleporters to be taken to "Five Finger Discount".

  2. Ride up this lift and then find the next lift at 2.

  3. Ride up this lift. There are pfhor in here.

  4. This is where the keycard is located. Pick it up and return to 1.


  1. Head down under the wreck at a and then swim alongside it until you surface at b. A large cache is nearby.

  2. Go to a from the north. Then jump back and forth across the chasm to b and from there to c. A cache with a shotgun and ammo is right ahead.

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