Cow Pushing
level view - Secret Level

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Author: C Lund

Notes: The original version of this level was made with a previous (and now discarded) texture set that had certain elements similar to those in Tempus Irae. I decided to make a Tempus-like level, and the result was the architecture you see here. I doubt anybody but myself can see any similarity. As with several other levels, the textures I used were eventually discarded and the level had to be retextured. Several times.

The title "Cow Pushing" comes from a story I was told by someone who'd been to the US: They met some people who had told them about a uneventful night when they had decided to have some fun toppling sleeping cows (ie pushing cows). However, one of the cows had turned out to be a bull and they spent the rest of the night up a tree. This could well be an urban legend, of course.

Mission Type: NA


  1. There are several entry points here, and no matter which one you end up at, fighters and troopers will come to get you. Look out for the floaty balls. Read the terminal to find out about lutefisk.

  2. Flip this switch to lower the platforms blocking your access to 3.

  3. A bunch of projectile fighters will teleport in when you walk across this area.

  4. Don't forget to pick up the carpet mortar. And watch out for the floaty balls.

  5. Don't walk on the walkway. Instead, jump up on the ledge behind it. That'll save you a grenade hop.

  6. The Marathon engine allows a player to turn and change directions in midair. This peculiarity will let you walk along this ledge, skirting the supports without standing on anything at all. And watch out for the floaty balls.

    Waypoint 6:

  7. Read this terminal to leave. You'll be taken to "Molten Dihydrogen Oxyde". Note that when you approach the terminal, a whole bunch of floaty balls will emerge from the tar to the east. Also, a MOAH will appear behind you.


  1. When you've cleared out the area at 5, return here. You'll find that the door has opened.

  2. a-d Strafe-run up the stairs from a to pick up enough momentum to land on the shelf at b. Then walk/hop along the shelf until you reach c. Pick up the ammo. The door at d will now have opened.

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