Sucking Cherries
level view - Salinger Line

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Author: C Lund

Notes: "The Tar and Feather Club" was the original final level of the Salinger line. Scott through it was too lame so I slapped this one together. I was hoping for something with the intensity of "If I Had a Rocket Launcher…", but I got this instead. Works for me.

I was listening to the CD "Download" by "300 000 V.K." aka "Laibach" when I was working on this level - the track "Vapor Ware" in particular. Not that it's relevant.

Mission Type: Extermination


  1. Entry point.

  2. Take a deep breath before rounding this corner. You'll be greeted by a hail of grenades launched by the AMDDs (Autonomous Military Dangi Drones). You have to flip the switch at 9 to open the door to the north. The door to 1 will close before you reach this point, btw.

  3. You can find some shelter behind this door. Take the platform at the end of the small room to get to 4.

  4. Flip the switch to lower the platform blocking access to 5.

  5. There are three fighters here. Take them out.

  6. Then clean out this area. You should clean out the area below 8 as well; it makes it a lot easier to ride the platform that goes up and down all the time, which is something you need to do to access the x3 recharger on this side of the platform, and to get to 8.

  7. Some fighters will teleport in when you reach this spot. Take them out.

  8. Jump across this platform and prepare to fight your way to 9.

  9. Flip this switch to open the door at 2.

  10. You'l meet some resistance in this library, so don't go here with low shields.

  11. There is a shield recharger, some ammo, and a pattern buffer in here. Make good use of them.

  12. When you go to this area, a lot of pfhor, AMDDs and UESC troopers will teleport in. Instead of participating in this three-sided battle, it might be a good idea to run off and hide until the worst part is over.

  13. Watch out for the maserBobs behind you, and mind the troopers coming in from the left.

  14. Read the terminal to watch Durandal take out the small pfhor ship.

  15. Don't go here unless you've visited 14. You really want to use that pattern buffer. Ride the platform up and prepare for the final battle.

  16. You might want to snipe the maserbobs on the other side of the room before you do anything else. Then jump down and clean out the room. When that's done, flip the switch and fire a few grenades through the door that opens next to it to take out the AMDDs inside. All the doors in this room will now open at various intervals, allowing the monsters behind them to spill out. Try to fire grenades and rockets through the doors before the monsters have a chance to get out - but be careful; some of the monsters are UESC troops fighting on your side. Don't go through any of the opened doors until there are no monsters left - not if you can avoid it, because doing so will make more monsters teleport in at the center of the room. You might have no choise if your shields are running low though.

  17. Log on to be taken to "Hard Vacuum". If you haven't cleaned out the level you'll be teleported down a couple of floors instead.

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