Bump and Grind
level view - Pfhor Plank

Help Details:
Author: C Lund

Notes: This level has two goals; one is to enter (and clear out) the bridge, and the other is to insert a chip down in the engine area. It makes no difference in which order you do this.

Mission Type: Repair and Exploration


  1. Entry point. You'll be greeted by a lot of enemies here, so be prepared for a fight. There will also be several S'pht'Kr here to help you out. Try not to injure them.

  2. a-c To get to the bridge, take the platform up at a, do some pillar-hopping to get to the ledge on the far side at b, take the stairs up at c, and you're there.

  3. This is the bridge. If you've already inserted the chip at 5, you can log on and be taken to "The Ascension Factor" via "Things May Happen V". Otherwise, start heading down.

  4. Finding the way here is easy; just go down and south at every opportunity. Note that there are *lots* of pfhor down here.

  5. This is where the chip is to be inserted. If you've already been to the bridge at 3, you're done. Log on and be taken to the next level.


  1. Tab the wall section above the plasma flow and a door will open.

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