Terminal Creation
By Blayne Scott (Ernie)


>Frame building and Monitor installation:
>The Faceplate bevel and General face plate cutting:
>Keypad Design:
>Putting on the Faceplate:
>Software Info:

Section Images:
UESCTerm 802.11 (remote override) 08.25.2337

Terminal In Action!

Using one of my schools Sony Digital Firewire cameras and Adobe software, I put together a video of the terminal. The startup, file selection screen, use, and inside of the case can all be seen.

Terminal Video
.mpg format
5.3 MB download

Thanks goes out to Jeff Smykil for providing a Mpeg4 version of the movie. If you have Quicktime6, this 2.2 meg download is a great alternative. The download from b.org seems not to function as well as the one Jeff provided. Both links are provided:

Terminal Video in mp4 format from Bungie.org
Terminal Video in mp4 format from Jeff Smukil's Mac.com site.
2.2 MB download

All of the resources I used to create the software side can now be downloaded in the Software section.

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