December 2000
Map Name: Cathode Ray Photosynthesis
Author: Flatman
Created for: MOS
Map type: N/A
Net type: Carnage, KOTH (
Sex WhileBoosting Cars
•Archive size : 254k
•Creation date: 2000.12.4
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Cathode Ray Photosynthesis is a very large MOS net map (think 1024 polys). CRP spans somewhere about 36WU at it's longest viewable distance, along which you can clearly see a very large amout of lighting (40 some) and other beauties. With three clear layers the map is really too large for most net games except for the very largest (fact being that removing the upper layer would make it much more playable). Still, the map's qualities make it very interesting. What I'd really like to see is this map with the top chopped off and the edges along the center layer fixed so that they don't unnaturally impede weapons fire and maybe a two more entrences to the lower layer to make it a more interesting net map. Also make sure to check out Chokin' on the Splinters v2.0 as well, fun map, though it feels constrictive to me flow wise. I never could think that far ahead in a fire fight.

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