"How are maps chosen as MTOM?"

You actually want to know eh? Well, here goes......


When I choose a map for this pristine glory, I look for six qualitys......

•Is the map fluidic? (does it serve its perpose well, does this map do well for netplay / story plot?)

•Item/monster placement (Did the creator think first b4 inserting? Was the object refresh set corectly for the map size/player amount ratios?)

•Story (if there is a map w/a story, that becomes a harsh factor, Im real picky about story lines/plots)

•Texture placement (Is the creator an artist @ heart, or was this map thrown together, no thought in textures?)

•Map Design (Did they conform the map correctly to the story/net type? Is it much more than just a hallway connected to a room shaped like a cube?!............AMAZE ME, NOW!)

•Instinct (I just know this map is good, DAM GOOD)

If a map possess all of these qualitys, and is merged (of course), I then know it is worthy. The final test is if there is more than one map in consideration for MOTM, whichever is best overall, it becomes the Enthroned Map Triumphant.

Here are some maps worth metioning as great examples of the above qualitys:

•"Temple of Apollo", by Michael Coyle.For Marathon Infinity

•"Tempus Irae", by the Nardo Group. For Marathon Infinity (Total Conversion)

•"Hot-handed God of Cops", by Dan Preston. For Durandal & Infinity

•"Marathon EVIL", by the EVIL Group. For Marathon Infinity (Total Conversion)

•"Seige of Nor'Korh", by Randall Shaw. For Durandal & Infinity