Map Name: Richard's Ten
Author: Richard Ransom
Created for: Marathon EVIL
Map type: 10 Map Loop
Net type: Carnage, KotH, KtMwtB
Oh, Oh, an Update!
•Archive size : 440K
•Creation date: 2000.11.04
N o t e: If you want to make sure I notice your map make sure to drop me a line.
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Richard Ransom has put together a fun netpack of 10 maps that are all interconnected via terminals so that you can jump from one map to another within the same game. All the maps are on the large side, but the maps should manage to stay lively even in small groups. Textures and flow are both good, but by far the best part is the lighting, which has lots of discernable lighting differences which a lot of maps lack. The only thing that I felt might get anoying is the cyborgs and their seeking granades.
One last note, Aleph One, the most unstable piece of software on my computer, is rumored to be get some new netcode. With that said, Have Blue, Traxus, watch your back, I've got a Nuke with your name on it. :-)

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