Map Name: Sand Pebbles (v1.1)
Author: Mark Posey
Created for: Marathon: Tempus Irae
Map type: Large Net
Net type: All but KMWB (tag)
My bum is on the dog!
•Archive size : 101k (hqx)
•Creation date: 6-16-98
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.As school returns, many wonder how to regain their study habits, well here is a habit for you. A Tempus arena map. Surrounded by three buildings that also connect by teleporters and outer walkways. Each contains a level 1 energy charger. The hill, located on the north side of the arena has two level 2 chargers. Level design is excellent and built for both flow and defense.Three secrets, no media. Texture placement is good. The physics are a bit tweaked. All weapons used, 5-8 players.

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