August 2000
Map Name: Marathon RED
Author: Ian McConville
Created for: Marathon Inf (Aleph One as well)
Map type: Solo
Net type: N/A
It may haunt you.
•Archive size : 27.2MB (hqx)
•Creation date: 2000.9.3
N o t e: If you want to make sure I notice your map make sure to drop me a line.
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Ian McConville (aka: _IAN_), is the man. RED is now my personal favorite scenario of all time. Ian is one hell of a artist and it shows in RED. I want to point out that I linked to the larger version of RED which includes the fab music by Mike Schapiro, and you might want some of his other MuSic to go in the background of RED. RED is a 32 level, flowing, intense, not suggested for the elderly, damn hard, solo scenario. You may also want to check out this. It was made by Rio Vierra and allows you to play RED in Aleph One, though I personally couldn't make it work right, everyone else seems to be able to. :-( I also want to thank Mark Levin for bring us these screen shots of RED since I was unable to take pictures desite my endlessly trying to.

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