Map Name: Gemini Station (v2)
Author: Mike Trinder
Created for: Marathon Infinity
Map type: Large Scenario
Net type: *******
Believe me, Ponch needs work.
•Archive size : 6.8megs (hqx)
•Creation date: 3-7-97
N o t e: Because of the large size of the file, you can also download it in 1meg chunks from: This Big Blue Link
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.Where do I begin? This gem contains twelve levels and two endings. Along with a custom shapes patch. Now, I really, really LIKE this scenario, a perfect example of quality 3rd party scenarios. A very well thought out story with deception and plot twists. The level design and difficulty are astounding. Puzzles that make you think (and like it). There is also a Marathon 2 version of this map, but the Infinity version is by FAR better. If you play, you will like. The carnage awaits your grand reentry.
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