August 2000
Map Name: Get Some
Author: Mark Conahan
Created for: Marathon Inf
Map type: Net/Solo
Net type: Solo
You want some of this!?
•Archive size : 879k (hqx)
•Creation date: 2000.8.19
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Maybe it is just chance, but I've really been digging these super hard maps folks have been making lately. Last month Gery gave us treat with a ripping good map pack, then we've got this map which is super hard, but a load of fun. Note the first screen, find this place, there is a direct teleport to the room. You'll need it. Then kick some ass Vidboi! Now, moving along to other things. Mark Conahan needed a map to practice some net games on, so he made this to practice on. It has an interesting lay out and okay flow. the biggest problem I had with it was that sometimes a marine will teleport in right next to you. This could have worked better with a little work on trip points and such. Still though the map is a lot of fun. If your looking for more fun, try and get the marines to kill each other or themselves, now that's hard! You can see where a marine lauched a missle into the doorway and killed himself in the lower picture in the middle.

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