Map Name: Mare Ceti (v1.1)
Author: "Dispatcher"
Created for: Marathon: Tempus Irae
Map type: Small Solo
Net type: **8 player co-op/playball, untested**
"Jar Jar Binks is no Nar!"
•Archive size : 2.1megs (hqx)
•Creation date: 3-17-99
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.As Borzz said himself .."If you enjoy this half as much as I did - you're bound to have a great time!" I like this map myself, forged for fun. And very impressive at the end. Mucho enemys and weapons. Fun tricks and as you can see net play is possible, and this is a kind of map that would make net extra fun. You can perform the goals randomly. It's only a single level....but it's BIG. Water/night texture sets. It only gets better from begining to end.
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