June 2002
Map Name: Escape 2!!
Author: Scott Noblitt
Created for: Marathon 2: Durandal
Map type: Scenario
Net type:
Bring out your dead
•Archive size : 3.3MB
•Creation date: 2002.06.22
N o t e: If you want to make sure I notice your map make sure to drop me a line.
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Blah I do hate it when I get busy. I've had this "nearly" done for almost Two Weeks(tm) now, and only needed to type this up...

Anyway this months MOTM is by Scott Noblitt. Scott is one of my favorit map makers I must say. Simply some of the best map making around. This month had some extremely good maps, including Carlos on the Run which includes some of the coolest map tricks I've ever seen. But the play was down right aggravating in Carlos because of the non-lethal traps, lack of a save point, and map bugs. While Scott's Escape 2 had extremely hard, but good play with Scott's clean map making skills that make his maps some of the most playable out there. Sorry this took so long to get uploaded.

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