June 2000
Map Name: MonkeNetpack
Author: Spacemonke
Created for: Marathon EVIL
Map type: Net Pack
Net type: Carnage,KOTH,Ball
•Archive size : 237k (hqx)
•Creation date: 2000.6.28
N o t e: If you want to make sure I notice your map make sure to drop me a line.
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AHHHHHH! Where have you evil clones taken all the normally good entries?! For those of you who may have forgotten, MERGE YOUR MAPS! OK, I won't go onto a tangent, no really. In the end, the last map standing this month was MonkeNetpack made by Spacemonke(he didn't put his real name in the readme). MonkeNetpack is quite the pack of netmaps. Nice use of the already great EVIL textures along with good lighting. The monster placement was acceptable, but it was to thick on some of the maps for use in netplay while to thin for use in singleplayer. Ammo was always pletaful, but he I have the feeling he doesn't care for the Nuc Mortar since I think I saw it twice out of all 5 of the netmaps. Also, Spacemonke did not merge in a physics model with his map, which he should have done. On a side note; this months direct sumitions were lost due to technical difficulties with Outlook, please send me them again.

I'm coming out of the booth!

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