May 2001
Map Name: Siam
Author: Hamish Sanderson
Created for: Marathon Infinity
Map type: Net Map
Net type: Carnage, KOTH
It is... simplici7y!
•Archive size : 14K
•Creation date: 2001.05.04
N o t e: If you want to make sure I notice your map make sure to drop me a line.
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OK. I'm keeping this simple, as this is the nature of the map in question.
Siam is a 2 or 3 player Marathon map. As Claude said on the Archives, originally made for the Simplici7y contest, but because it was non-functional was shelved. Well its been finished now. Being that it only has seven polys in the map (because that was the rule for a Simplici7y map) it lacks in some ways for detail, but I think you will all be pleased when you check this map out.
Picking up on Scott's idea from last month, Honorable mention goes to Garrick Smith's Cyborg Central V1.1 which I liked, though it has a monster spawn bug I noticed, but it looks nice.

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