May 2000
Map Name: Fumbling Towards Ecstasy 1.01
Author: Michael Watson
Created for: Marathon Infinity
Map type: Netmap
Net type: Carnage,KOTH,Ball
You didn't think you won, did you?
•Archive size : 48k (hqx)
•Creation date: 2000.5.15
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First I'd like to say that this month's entries were unsually interesting. Not all, in fact most of the maps this month were boring, but a few sent me their maps directly, and it turned out to be quite amusing. In the end though, FTE ran head to head with another map named Static Fury. SF is a M1 map which was a welcomed change, but there were a few problems in the map, textures problems mostly. FTE out does SF in the end though, the texturing is excellent, and the map is almost error free. There are two ver. hanging around, one at the archieves and the one Mikey sent me himself, which is newer(in fact the one at the archieves is almost a year old, but only now got posted for some reason). The lighting in FTE is excellent as always with his maps and it flows well. For sure download the map linked here and check it out. A note to would be M1 map makers, small maps are better, SF is excellent, but is to large at 206 polys.

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