April 1999
Map Name: Casual Slaughter
Author: Erik Adams
Created for: Marathon Infinity
Map type: Large Net
Net type: Multiplayer Carnage only
Pfhoritual Black Dimentions
•Archive size : 27k (hqx)
•Creation date: 1-19-97
Attention: Many people have been emailing and such to submit their map for motm consideration. Well it's coming.
motm faq
.Is Marathon a 3D game or a 2.5D game? It's neither, do you know what the fifth dimention is? If not, the fifth dimention is one existance inside another. THAT is what Marathon is. And this map exploits that feature like crazy. Using the pfhor/space texture set. Made for 3-4 players but has enough ammo for 8. Fly into one tower and appear from another. Aliens included. You must play it to even start to conceive it. Don't freak out now!
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