April 2002
Map Name: The Voice
Author: Mark Levin
Created for: Tempus Irae
Map type: Solo Map
Net type:
Lost Maps are Still a Crime
•Archive size : 544K
•Creation date: 2002.04.28
N o t e: If you want to make sure I notice your map make sure to drop me a line.
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I assure you statements of my death are greatly exaggerated.

This nugget was mined from Mark Levin's computer recently and thusly turned into a playable map. This solo map has two levels, an intro level and the actual. It's meant to take place any time during the TI's timeline and is really quite good story telling. Considering this is a single map really, the amount of plot that Mark has hammered into this map is really great. I must say that this is one map I really enjoyed. The story goes that you're busting into an asylum to kill a some phore pretending to be humans and otherwise prevent the timeline from being disrupted. I don't want to give to much away, this map is put together really well and some really cool tech tricks, though I thought I had seen them all atleast from pre-AO engines. Surprize!

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