April 2001
Map Name: Ode to Pombero
Author: Rich Dierkes
Created for: Marathon Infinity
Map type: Net Pack
Net type: Carnage, KOTH, EMFS,
I am the Speaker for the Dead
•Archive size : 264K
•Creation date: 2001.04.02
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Hey, hey! Here is the new MOTM. Now I released a map this month, so I went and found myself a sucker, I mean, "willing person" to lend a hand. So without further screwing around on my part, I give you Scott Noblitt:

Ode to Pombero is a great 11-level netpack by Rich Dierkes. Currently in version 1.9, these maps are completely bug-free (from what I can tell) and polished to at least a spit shine.
What I found most impressive by the maps in this pack are there extremely smooth flow and high fun factor. All of the platforms and staircases seem to have been tweaked for maximum player movement, making for effortless running around. While I normally don't like to see 2X rechargers in netmaps, Rich put one in several different maps. Neverless, I found them enjoyable, as nothing is more frustrating then thinking you've got it made when walking up to a 2X and filling up just to suddenly be mowed down by twin WSTMs (and nothing's more fun than being the person plowing them from behind, hee, hee...) Of course, this pack follows the Dierkes standard of great visuals, with nice lighting and excellently placed textures. For those of you without Infinity, Ode to Pombero works great with Aleph One. Also, there is a version for Marathon 2, which is great for people with Windows machines. Picking this MOTM was hard, as there were many good maps this month. Honorable mention maps include: Green Dream by Oogabooga Marathon CTF by Mark Levin geranimo deth jump by Erkki Toukolehto

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