March 2001
Map Name: Rubicon
Author: Rubicon Team
Created for: Marathon Infinity and Aleph One
Map type: Scenario
Net type: Scenario
You got lost?
•Archive size : ~45MB
•Creation date: 2001.03.18
N o t e: If you want to make sure I notice your map make sure to drop me a line.
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OK. So MOTM is very late, but slowly will get back on track I hope. Feb/March was already to go, but a hard drive crash wiped that plan out, sorry.

Here better late then never, March MOTM:
Rubicon is a large scenario of more then 50 maps, though like Marathon Inf. you have to play through it several times to play all the maps. Rubicon has some amazing tech in it and some of the best solo play your going to find. Rubicon took some heat over at but I honestly never understood it. Yes, Rubicon requires you to read the terminals to sometimes figure out the maps, I didn't have to much diffculty though if I read them. If you don't like reading, maybe you should be playing this instead. The thing that came to mind while playing Rubicon: This is so polished, so very smooth and nice. Some other scenarios, not Rubicon, are good, but they could have used some more time in the shop, just rounding out the last few maps. My own netpack, though not a scenario, is an example of this, it got rushed out so it would be done before finals and that shows some.
[Note: ACK, FUBAR, I munged! How did I let such a poor sentence get through, shoot me now please. Corrected a week after posting too.]

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