Bungie Life?!!!

I will be watching everything.

The first vidcam pic sent in to the Story page. Captured by Jimmy Mitchell <jmitch@mail.erskine.edu>

Just hanging out or waiting for the headmaster? Captured by Jimmy Mitchell <jmitch@mail.erskine.edu>

Below are 3 vidcam pics of ??? heading off (3 times!!!) to that mysterious room near the entrance. Captured by Scott Jaeger <pepino@indy.net>

Scott Jaeger <pepino@indy.net> writes:

"Here is a sketch of what appears to be the same man (above), taken from the Marathon 2 manual."

What's up here then? The person who kindly sent these two vidcam pics in wishes to remain anonymous!

Guess who's coming to dinner? A great shot from Chris Camacho <christo@flash.net>. Watch out guys... They're Everywhere! ;-)

Is the vidcam coming down...? Vidcam pic captured by Jonathan Westin <westin@lerum.mail.telia.com>

Kyjel Shaytolmae <kbassett@junction.net> sends in the following vicam pic. First the Pfhor now...

Neil Schafer <robert_blake@geocities.com> sends in this interesting shot of Mark "The Hulk" Bernal and another applicant for Bungie's Myth panto at the Boston Macworld Expo. ;-)

More recent WebCam pics can be found