That Marathon Symbol (part 2)

A page of Marathon and Marathon-like symbols.

Henry Fok <> sent in the following pic from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. It's of a Trade Federation battleship. As Henry put it:

Just think: Mobile Marathon symbols! :)

You can see it here

Sam Beck <> writes:

I was leafing through a magazine and I found an ad for Marathon Kilns. Their symbol (see attached file), looks like a bird in a flame. sort of looks like the Marathon symbol.

You can see it below. A rising Phoenix with open wings. A stylised Marathon symbol perhaps?

You can see it here

Matt Payne <> writes:

Attatched are two images of a South Persian rug that I found at the shop I work at. The border has logos very similar to the Marathon logo! Very, very, similar.

But there's more... each Mara logo contains 3 colors, the top and botton rows contain 10 logos each, and the rug's size is 5'-7" by 7'-6".

The design dates back to the mid-late 1800s.

You can see it here

Muhsin Miski <> writes:

While going through my mail one day I caught a glimpse of an envelope which contained a Marathon-like symbol. The company is called FEI (Future Enterprises, Inc.). Take a look at At the upper right corner we see two curves with an infinity in the middle. Now, if one were to put an outer circle...

You can see the icon below.

Brandon Gupton <> writes:

I found a really bizarre site that has a couple of background-sized logos for something. Despite being the master of languages that I am (heavy sarcasm), the Japanese text proved undecipherable. (Despite the fact it looks like garbage, if you use AsainSuite and convert to Japanese, it will appear properly). I did notice that the logo was in English, and contained the word Copland OS. Wasn't that the secret name for Mac OS 8? or some spelling of that, I can't really remember...

You can see one of the icons below.

Rob Perrin <> writes concerning the above logo:

I just wanted to point out that the symbol submitted by Brandon Gupton on the marathon symbols page is the Logo of a fictional OS in the Anime "Serial Experiments Lain". I should also point out that the series creator was a major Apple and NeXT fan, he makes a lot of refrences to both of these companies products, and that it is actually possible that he actually did intentionally design the logo with a vaguely marathonish look.

Martin Thorne <> writes:

Here's a marathon like symbol that I found on the bottom of, homepage for the veteran shareware company Ambrosia Software. It looked kind of familiar.

You can see the icon below.

Ok while this doesn't have the broken outer ring characteristic of the Marathon symbol the fact that it's coming from Ambrosia Software, a Mac gaming company, speaks volumes.

Andreas Orphanides <> writes:

While normally the Marathon Symbol entries are clever and interesting, the hypothesis that Ambrosia Software's logo (as displayed on That Marathon Symbol (part 2)) is based on the Marathon one seems extremely far-fetched. To wit:

The logo displayed is a very popular one in the US-- it is one of the many symbols the American hippie-folk-rock band the Grateful Dead uses (and has used, for at least thirty years I am sure). This particular logo is a modification of a design pattern they call "Steal your Face" and is often displayed on Grateful Dead albums and paraphenalia. It is also a popular logo with Grateful Dead fans and potheads in general. In my opinion the appearance of this logo on the Ambrosia Software page bespeaks more regarding someone at Ambrosia's worship of the Grateful Dead rather than an attempt to reference Marathon in some subtle way.

There is a strong "Marathonish" character in the symbol, but I hardly feel that anything regarding Marathon can be taken from the symbol's presence at Ambrosia.

Terrence Nowicki <> writes:

Not too long ago, you reported on a symbol from Ambrosia Software, the Mac shareware company that brought us such classics as Apeiron, Escape Velocity (EV and EV:O), and Harry the Handsome Executive. Perhaps you should add that a great number of Ambrosia's games have Marathon references in them (in Escape Velocity, there's even a ship called the Jason Jones! If I see it, I'll take a snap shot and send it in). So maybe that "Marathon-like" symbol from Ambrosia was influenced more by Marathon than we think...

PS I realize someone has probably already pointed out the Marathon references in many Ambrosia games (though probably not the Jason Jones in EV), but I figured it would make sense to add this info to your "That Marathon Symbol" section, because of the Ambrosia Symbol.

Michael Dawe <> writes:

I found a marathon-like symbol at

You can see the icon below.

Sam Morris <> writes:

That page you've put up on Banks is intertesting... Look at the Orbit Book's logo on the cover of Use of Weapons... It is sort of like the Marathon Symbol!

You can see the icon below.

Matt Francis <> writes:

I have found another symbol that looks much like Marathon's logo. This one came from the cover of a mid-80's album released by the band Yes.

You can see the icon below.

You can see it here

Jason Harper <> writes:

Yet another Marathon-like symbol... it's the official logo of an organization called UUSC... several variations can be seen at

You can see the icon below.

Mauro Braunstein <> writes:

I was going to to take a Densa test when I noticed that the keyholes on the page were...

Tat tada taaa!!!

Marathon symbols! Man, they don't even look like keyholes!

You can see the icon below.

Silas Dean <> writes:

I've looked through the symbol's pages and not noticed this, so I'll report it. Anyway, a couple years ago, as I flipped through the New York Times magazine, I saw an ad for an organization with ties to the Sierra Club (An organization devoted to the protection of the environment) called Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund. Their logo (available at is remarkably similar to the Marathon Logo. They've disguised it enough so that to the lay person it looks like a moon on a pedestal(?), but I wasn't fooled.

You can see the icon below.

You can see it here

Sam Morris <> writes:

I found another one - it's an ad banner (attached) for what appears to be an iPhone clone called i-Opener.

Similarly Muhsin Miski <> writes:

Check out

You can see the icon below.

Jonathan Bahamon <>

i found while vacationing in Mexico about a month ago this intresting symbol in a newspaper. it's the logo for some corporation. i have no idea what the corporation does but the symbol caught my eye when my father was reading it and i looked at it upside down...

You can see the icon below.

You can see it here

Mexico eh? The Yucatan Peninsula perhaps? ;-)

Elbert Wall <> writes:

there's a Marathon-like symbol

You can see the icon below.

Jonathan Andrews <> sends in this link ( to a Marathon-like symbol.

You can see the icon below.

Joseph Haake <> writes:

In the Japanese anime Lain, the logo for the company Copland OS Enterprise looks oddly familiar:

You can see the icon below.

Brian "ironhorse" Fath <> writes:

I play a game called warhammer 40k, by games workshop. It is a table top model game, where humans battle other alien races in the far future. Recently, Games workshop announced a new alien race called the tau. The tau's symbol, which I've taken from the games workshop website, is almost exactly the marathon symbol.

its interesting to note the tau's main troops are armored troopers with large guns, much like the marine.

You can see the icon below.

Drake Masters <> writes:

Hit a home page and was struck by the icon there on. Two images sent: the one present at the site, and the invert.

The tru7h will out.

You can see the icon below.

Matthew Smith <> writes:

Don't know if you have this one yet, but one of the races in Dark Reign 2 has a symbol rather like the Marathon symbol!!

Here we are, off the official home page of Dark Reign 2!!

You can see a small version of the image below.

TheMaz made the following interesting post on the Story Forum:

I know with all the glyph stuff this may be a bit random... but its just too cool not to post: I was browsing through the database at when I came across this:

look familiar? What's *very* interesting is this is a symbol for Pluto- didn't Marathon's original plot involve a mission to Pluto? Maybe Bungie got the Mara-logo way back when Marathon was first started... they look up the symbol for Pluto (the then-setting of Marathon) add a line and volia! the darling little symbol we all know and love...

You can see the Pluto signs here.

An early version of the Marathon plot dating from January '94 had the player battling aliens on a hollowed-out asteroid near the planet Pluto. Here's a description from an IMG report on Marathon from the Macworld Expo San Francisco '94:

In the game, you are sent on a mission to investigate the disappearance of colonists living on a hollowed-out asteroid near the planet Pluto. Once you get there, you realize the colonists were destroyed by alien monsters and now you it's your job to get rid of all the monsters before they have you for lunch.

Andy Evanson <> writes:

Here's another example of the Marathon symbol cropping up in the "real world" (depending on your definition of reality) ... Centegra Health System. They're located in the Chicago vicinity, not all that far from Bungie's original battlegrounds.

You can see the logo below.

Maury Markowitz <> writes:

I noticed this while poking about on the 'net. Check out the symbol here:

I don't know about you, but that sure looks like the Marathon symbol to me!

Traveller is a long-running RPG (like D&D) that has been going strong for over 20 years now. It's sci-fi setting and rich universe are probably the main reasons for it's success, but design definitely helped when you compare it with messes like AD&D's ever-expanding randomly constructed ruleset.

It could be a total coincidence. But then again, this is Bungie we're talking about. I can't believe anyone didn't notice this before.

You can see the image below.

While the symbol doesn't have the characteristic broken outer circle if this image predates Marathon then we are possibly looking an early influence on the Marathon symbol.

Andy Evanson <> writes concerning a Marathon-like symbol sighting:

Don't know if this counts as a Marathon sighting --

It's Talking Alien Attack, by New Entertainment (basically an electronic clone of Milton Bradley's classic Battleship game). I saw this in Toys 'R' Us today; the front of the package showed the red unit turned so that its blue symbol had its thickest part towards the bottom of the box.

If the above link doesn't work, try

You can see the image here.

Pedro Henriquez <> writes concerning this Marathon-like symbol:

Here's the logo of Venezuela's steel company.
You can see it below.

Joel Doran <> writes:

And it's in the last spot you would expect...Pokemon! Taking a look at the preview for Pokemon Advance, I came upon this picture...

Look at the guy's head. Perhaps the Unified Earth Space Council has dropped the Mjolnir in favor of...Pikachu?

You can see the Pokemon image here.

Alfred Mordeir <> writes concerning a Marathon-like symbol spotted in the 1970's movie "The Dunwich Horror" based on a book by H. P. Lovecraft:

These are Pics that were sent to me by Gherri7White. On them are screen shots from the 1970 movie "The Dunwich Horror," featuring shots of Dean stockwell's hand with two rings, One of which is a dead ringer for a marathon symbol.

You can see the pics here, here, and here.

In a Story forum post Barni draws our attention to a very Marathon-like symbol (see below) in the Japanese anime series Violet Evergarden.

Part of the Violet Evergarden plot goes:

The story follows Violet Evergarden's journey of reintegrating back into society
after the war is over and her search for her life's purpose now that she is no
longer a soldier in order to understand the last words her mentor and guardian...

You can see a YouTube video showing the Marathon-like symbol.

David Williamson <> writes:

"My daughter just started watching this show on Netflix, and the badges on the bears seem awfully familiar..."

The show in question is Treehouse Detectives, an animated television series created by ENPOP and co-produced by Saban Capital Group. The show follows bear siblings Toby and Teri as they "use the clues" and "follow the facts" to solve mysteries... and they wear badges.

Kind of like what we do here on the Story page... only we don't get no badges.

Thanks to David and his daughter Cassie for spotting this. It put a smile on my face.

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