June 28, 2000
Web posted at: 9:35 a.m. EST

NEW YORK (CNN) -- Angry fans demand Story page pants!

Not content with the imminent release of the Marathon's Story page t-shirt
angry fans took to the streets yesterday demanding Story page pants!

"It's a basic human right" said one fan. "We got to have pants!"

Jon Chang, clothing and image guru, refused to comment on rumors that
the pants line in Story page clothing would be dropped at next month's
Gathering of Fans in New York.

"Obviously we have a lot of experience with pants" said Jon Chang. "A lot
of our t-shirt customers are pants fans, and those people are very important
to us. We're still going to be making the decisions on what clothing we do
and for what sizes. But we're also going to be looking at those decisions
from the perspective of our areas of expertise and what's best for clothing.
So I don't really know."

Correspondent Hamish Sinclair and The Associated Press contributed to
this report.