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People, Companies and Web Sites that are (almost) as cool as Bungie:

Official RAM Suppliers to Bungie Software!

Inside Mac Games magazine
Always the first with a scoop.

Cyberian Outpost
The finest software store on the Web. They even supply release dates. :)

Apple Computer
They make Macs.

Power Computing
They used to make Mac clones.

Makers of way-cool removable storage devices.

Development tools that rule.

Slurpee's Marathon 2 Page
A clearinghouse of Marathon 2 info. One of the best.

The Marathon HyperArchive NorthWest
A great source for third-party, maps, tools, etc.

Marathon's Story
Hamish Sinclair and a cast of thousands discuss the intricate plot of the Marathon games. Words cannot express how cool this site is.

Double Aught Software
The wacky and wonderful site brought to you by the same wise guys who devised the scenario for Marathon Infinity.

Damage Incorporated page
A page set up by the wonderful people at Paranoid Productions to promote this game, which uses the Marathon Engine.

Prime Target page
Another game using Bungie's technology, published by the fine folks at MacSoft.

The NetLink Remote Home Page
Want to play Marathon net games over a modem connection, but don't have the money or the patience for Apple Remote Access? Joe Kloss and his handy-dandy NetLink extension will help you stick it to The Man.

The Marathon Palace
The place to be if you enjoy chatting with other Marathon players in a surreal graphical environment.

The Abuse For Macintosh Home Page
Check out the first third-party site dedicated to the coolest platform game ever to hit the Mac.

Ellison Wonderland
A page dedicated to Harlan Ellison, the greatest living science fiction author.

Emulation on the Macintosh
The future of computing lies in 8-bit emulation.

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Last Updated Tue, Jan 21, 1997.