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Date: Fri, 21 Mar 97 11:41:58 -0600
From: Matt Soell <>
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Subject:  The Marathon Trilogy Box Set

Greetings, Bungie News-List Subscribers-

Only the second day of Spring and your pals at Bungie already have a new 
goodie for you.

Specifically, the Marathon Trilogy Box Set.

Three complete games - Marathon, Marathon 2: Durandal, and Marathon 
Infinity - in one box, with tons of extras, for a single low price.

Some of you thought we were nuts when we practically gave away Marathon 
Infinity for a measly twenty-five bucks.  Well check out what half a 
C-note will get you now:

	- Over 1200 maps and add-ons, including the winners of our recent 
Marathon Mapmaking Contest and Bungie-created maps that we've been 
selfishly keeping for ourselves...until now

	- A scrapbook that details the development of all three games, and the 
attendant Marathon craze in the Mac gaming world.  Interviews, anecdotes, 
dirty little secrets and more....

	- New and improved mapmaking tools
	- the full version of Pathways Into Darkness, the game that paved the 
way for Marathon

The Marathon Trilogy Box Set is almost fully compiled, and we plan to 
ship the finished product on May 1, 1997.  (Yeah, that's 
actual RELEASE DATE.  Straight from us, so you know it's not a joke.)  
We're selling it direct for $49.00.  Pre-orders are being accepted at 
(800) 295-0060 or via our web site at

Maybe you're the proud owner of a new Mac, looking for a cheap way to 
fill your hard drive with games.  Maybe you hopped on the Marathon 
bandwagon too late (or fell off the wagon at some point) to catch all 
three games when they were on store shelves.  Maybe you're an avid fan of 
third-party maps looking for a convenient CD compendium of the best ones 
out there.  Maybe you are Hamish Sinclair, and the prospect of a 
scrapbook filled with Marathon's dirty little secrets and heretofore 
forbidden knowledge sets your heart a-flutter.  In any case, the Marathon 
Trilogy Box Set has something for everyone.


Matthew Soell
Online Liaison
Bungie Software