For further information contact:
Doug Zartman, Bungie Software
(312) 563-6200, ex. 23

      Native Version of Pathways Into Darkness Fully Supports Power Macintosh

      New York, New York -- March 14, 1994 -- Bungie Software will begin shipping a
version of Pathways Into Darkness, written specifically for Macintosh with PowerPC,
to coincide with the release of Apple's new Power Macintosh computers. Pathways
Into Darkness began shipping last August for the Macintosh computer. Since that time
Pathways has won many awards including the MacWorld Game Hall of Fame,
MacUser 100, Australia MacWorld's Game of the Year, and Inside Mac Game's
Adventure Game of the Year.

      Pathways for Power Macintosh will have new features that take advantage of the
Risc-based Macintosh computer's speed. In addition to texture-mapped walls,
Pathways will texture map the floors and ceilings and frame rates have sky-rocketed to
over 30 frames per second. The addition of these features, coupled with Power
Macintosh computers, have increased the size of Pathways by less than 180K.

      Pathways Into Darkness will begin shipping as a "fat app" with both 68K-based
Macintosh and PowerPC processor-based Macintosh compatibility in the same
application. The Pathways package will sport a Power Macintosh computer
compatibility sticker for identification. An updater application will be available to
registered users via electronic bulletin boards or through the mail for a nominal shipping
charge. Bungie Software plans to ship new Macintosh titles as "fat-apps" with both
68K-based Macintosh and PowerPC processor-based Macintosh compatibility in the same box.

      Pathways Into Darkness is designed to run on any 256 color-capable Macintosh
computer. The graphics window is resizable to fit on any size monitor. A special
"performance mode" makes the game run faster on slower computers. Pathways Into
Darkness has a retail price of $69.99, and can be purchased at most software retailers
and mail order catalogs. It requires an 8-Bit (256 color) color equipped Macintosh
computer with system 6.0.5 or better and a hard disk.

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