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System 8 delays anticipated

CHICAGO, IL-April 20, 1995-At last, the most sophisticated game on the Macintosh enters the CD-ROM arena, and is poised to clean up. When Bungie Software first released Marathon to game-hungry Macintosh users, the most common reaction to seeing its 16-bit high-res graphics and richly detailed 3D environments was the question "it's on CD-ROM, right?" Formerly available only on diskette, the Marathon CD, due May 1st, bundles the game with a smorgesbord of shareware enhancements that multiply the life of the game and its entertainment value.

Among these is the Marathon Physics Model Editor, a fascinating program that allows changes to any of the constants of the game. Players can turn off gravity, or make the pistol fire missles or even the bodies of alien opponents (!). The Marathon Shape Installer and Marathon Map Editor provide the opportunity to modify existing maps. Along with these programs comes an enormous collection of saved physics models and some of the best network replays to be found—all compiled on one indispensible disk.

The CD also includes QuickTime 2.0 and QuickTime Musical Instruments, to ensure that users can enjoy all 45 minutes of Marathon's original digital soundtrack. Marathon can be networked for up to 8 players, and includes unique features such as live microphone broadcasting between networked players. With advanced touches such as this it's no wonder that Marathon is currently outselling such titles as Myst and Rebel Assault, and has prompted reviewers to hail it as the "best multiplayer game on the Mac"(MacWeek), "the fastest, most frighteningly realistic shooter ever written for the Macintosh" (The Washington Post), a game that "redefines the meaning of state of the art Macintosh gaming"(Inside Mac Games).

Marathon is native to the Power Macintosh, accelerated for the Macintosh 630 line of machines, supports System 7 and 7.5, is 8, 16 and 24-bit color capable, and can be played with joysticks, game pads and even VR headsets. The Marathon CD requires a 68020 or faster Macintosh ('040 recommended), 8-bit color monitor (13" recommended), System 6.0.5 (networking requires System 7), and a double-speed CD-ROM drive. Marathon has a retail price of $69.99 and is available at local retail stores, through mail order catalogs, or can be ordered directly from Bungie Software.