Peter Streicker <> writes:

I've attached 2 pictures I made in photoshop. With "Control room" (below) I just thought I'd put together 3 frames of the movie to give you a bigger picture of the room and a better idea of the orbiting planet and ring.

Control room in Halo movie
Picture courtesy of Peter Streicker <>

With "Blueprints" (below) I was hoping to get some ideas about what this map is of, perhaps the building you're in or the starsystem. If it is infact the starsystem, then you'll notice that the yellow ring would probably be the halo but it cuts through a big red ball/planet, and if you look at the Controlroom pic, the only thing the ring cuts through is that purple thing at the top, so it could either be a planet or the room's ceiling..

Picture courtesy of Peter Streicker <>