HEADSPACE - PRESS RELEASE: Headspace Acquires HIP CLIP Music Library, Power of seven Relocates to California

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SAN MATEO, CA * SEPTEMBER 1, 1996 - Headspace Inc., a leader in Internet music and audio technology, has acquired Power of Seven Inc., the Minneapolis-based digital music content publisher, for an undisclosed sum. Best known for its popular Hip Clip Music series of original CD-ROM music libraries, Power of Seven has relocated on-site to Headspace's San Mateo headquarters. Power of Seven founder Paul Sebastien will assume the role of Director of Production for Headspace, and continue to build music libraries under the unified Headspace Productions name.

The collective mission of the new venture is to bring high-quality interactive music to the World Wide Web. Headspace will integrate Power of Seven's music products with its own music libraries, bringing an even wider variety of original music to the already renowned Headspace collection. A team of top professional composers and sound designers compliment Headspace's engineering division. Hip Clip Music was the best selling clip music CD-ROM of 1995 and was featured on the Director Demystified CD-ROM.

"The acquisition of Power of Seven is a bold move for Headspace," commented Thomas Dolby Robertson, co-founder and CEO of Headspace. "The Web is about to come alive with music, and we aim to provide websmiths with the best possible content and tools for the job."

Headspace recently announced RMF (Rich Music Format), a platform independent, open standard created by Headspace to provide intelligent musical interactions in the multimedia entertainment and on-line arena. Available to both authoring and content developers, RMF allows the streaming of high-quality MIDI music and digital audio that intelligently responds to the user's interaction with a web site or CD-ROM.

"As Web browsers become more sophisticated, streaming audio and MIDI music are beginning to be commonplace on the highest-profile Web sites. There has never been a better time to create a brand new business out of digital music content on the Internet," said Paul Sebastien. "The integration of Power of Seven's premium music libraries with Headspace's breakthrough technology will position us on the crest of a wave."

Among Headspace's premier customers is Netscape Communications, to whom Headspace has licensed an intelligent music library providing a soundtrack for the Navigator 3.0 section of the Netscape web site. Headspace has also broken new ground with the first adaptive music system for an Internet set-top box: WebTV Networks will launch their under-$500 appliance this Fall, partnering with Sony and Phillips, accompanied by custom adaptive music created by Headspace's composers. Both Netscape and WebTV are committed to supporting the emerging RMF standard.

Headspace is a music company that creates soundtrack and audio technologies for the web. Established in 1993 by composer/musician Thomas Dolby and multimedia entrepreneur Mary Coller, the Headspace mission is to explore the possibilities of responsive music and audio within the multimedia and interactive arena. The team at Headspace couples expert engineering skills with first-class musical talent. - More information is available at http://www.headspace.com.


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