Power Computing Corporation

Press Release

July 18, 1995

Power Computing Corporation & Bungie to Release "THE DISC" at Macworld Boston '95 - featuring an exclusive, playable demo of Marathon 2: DURANDAL

(Austin, TX - July 18, 1995) - Whatever you do, don't leave Boston without a free copy of "The Disc."

Power Computing Corporation, the first company licensed and shipping Macintosh OS compatibles and Bungie Software, creators of Marathon, have teamed up to release "The Disc" -- a special CD-ROM that will be distributed free to attendees of Macworld Boston.

The CD-ROM will give users the first, exclusive look at the long awaited sequel to the best selling Macintosh adventure game Marathon -- "Marathon 2: DURANDAL." The playable demo will feature four levels of play that break ground in both style and technology including new outdoor landscaptes, underwater scenarios, a wide-screen format and awesome new lighting effects.

"The Disc" will also feature an interactive guide to Power Computing's award-winning line of Macintosh-OS compatibles including product specs, company information and future directions. In addition, the CD-ROM will feature a demo of Human Code's CDfactory as well as a sampler collection from Jawai Interactive's Screen Caffeine Pro.

Human Code's CDfactory is the fastest, most cost effective multimedia software system available. It revolutionizes interactive title developement by eliminating programming allowing producers the ability to focus on content development and delivery. Human Code is an Austin, Texas-based developer of interactive multimedia products and tools including eleven published CD-ROM titles including works with partners Apple Computer, The Discovery Channel, and NASA among others.

Jawai Interactive's Screen Caffeine Pro and Java Beat is a comprehensive collection of graphics and musical clip art for multimedia interface design. The demo includes 28MBs of multimedia interfaces and sample textures, interface designs, buttons and music.

Power Computing is at (512)258-1350 or (800)999-7279; fax (512)250-3390 or http://www.powercc.com . Bungie Software is at (312)-563-6200; fax (312)-563-0545; or bungie1@aol.com. Human Code is (512)477-5455; fax (512)477-5456. Jawai Interactive is (512)469-0502 or (800)600-6706.