Subject:      Bob LeVitus Shapes file available...
From: (Claude Errera)
Date:         1996/01/24
Message-Id:   <>
Organization: Oregon Graduate Institute

Just a quick note to let folks know...

If you didn't make it to MacWorld this time, you can still get hold of
the modified Shapes file that Power Computing distributed on The Disc 2
there. This turns bobs into Bob LeVitus, Director of Evangelism for
Power Computing (and columnist for MacUser, and Author of... oh, never
mind). The only problem is, it's huge. (5.5 megs, stuffed and binhexed.)

Don't worry, this is officially sanctioned by Power Computing-I'm not
breaking any license agreements. Unfortunately, I can only supply this
via the web (no ftp available), and I'm not willing to unbinhex it (I 
get far too many complaints from people who haven't figured out how to
configure their browser to handle binary files), so if 5.5 megs over
the web is too big for you, I'm sorry.

And the machine that's serving it doesn't have any logging turned on, 
so I would *really* appreciate it if anyone who *does* try lets me know
whether they were successful...

This only works with the commercial version, so if you have the demo,
don't waste your time.

You can find this gem at


                     "Own what you do."