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What to save and throw away?

This section is for the many entries in the What's New sections that never made it into Facts and puzzling things about... .

The time consuming chore of wading through 3 years of submissions to the Story page to find that interesting tidbit are now over. You can wade through these edited sections instead. The entries are listed in chronological order from Sept 1995 to Aug 1998 in six monthly bites! Unfortunately some stuff has been lost due to dead links. Hey but that's the web for you!

Miscellaneous Tidbits Sept'95 - Feb'96

Miscellaneous Tidbits Mar'96 - Aug'96

Miscellaneous Tidbits Sept'96 - Feb'97

Miscellaneous Tidbits Mar'97 - Aug'97

Miscellaneous Tidbits Sept'97 - Feb'98

Miscellaneous Tidbits Mar'98 - Aug'98

Some highlights from Sept'95 - Feb'96

Mjolnir - Thor's hammer
Durandal in Minotaur
Pfhor eyes change in Marathon 2
Tau Ceti - 92 light years or 11.77 light years away?

Some highlights from Mar'96 - Aug'96

Blood Tides of Lh'owon Sneak Peek
Air Bob!
Inspiration behind the Marathon story
Seventh HoTBob Competition announced
Bungie let slip - "We're a Cyborg!"
Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction.

Some highlights from Sept'96 - Feb'96

Marathon is a race 26.2 miles long
The Jjaro arrive!
"...what happens exactly is subtle."
"...but I think that you're still not seeing the big picture."
Beavis and Butthead?
"Comin' Outta The Booth"
How many Jjaro does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Some highlights from Mar'97 - Aug'97

A magnolia?!!!
You take the low road and I'll take the...
Jugs in space! (and inside the space station too)
CK on Infinity
ydnar vs.lilbuddha - two men enter one man leaves
The Battle of Brooklyn begins - there can be only one!
toolboi uses cheat codes?!!!
Cheat codes! cheat codes!! everybody wants the cheat codes!
Marathon sticker bar codes REVEALED!
"I've got one on me ... aaaaahh!"
The Bungie Webmaster revealed... or not!
Win95 M2 map changes revealed!
Second secret message from Jason Jones
The 1st Summertime Blues Competition.

Some highlights from Sept'97 - Feb'98

Toadkiller Dog, Pathways in Darkness, The Black Company and Myth
Special 2nd anniversary HoT Question
Marathon in Rhapsody
"Greg (gjk1), is there anything i missed?"
AMUG dies!
Seven rings on the Marathon Keychain?
Virtual Archaeology
Duck key in Marathon?
"Marathon story was a hodepodge..."
The WACCSMD acronym on the bottom of the Myth box revealed.
When where the Win95 M2 map differences first spotted?

Some highlights from Mar'98 - Aug'98

This is not a hanger!
Does the word "Pfhor" have egyptian origins?
"...a new Marathon game would probably make us a ton of cash."
"The Infinity project was originally the 20/10 pack for Marathon 1..."
Marathon symbol meaning revealed!
Chat with Tuncer Deniz?
The "TBWSAF" acronym on the bottom of the Infinity and Trilogy boxes revealed
Page 2401 revealed
The Plans!
Think first, Think more, Think... quack!
Bungie offices on the seventh floor!
"Trudge through twenty-five levels of an otherworldly pyramid..."
Is Konoko a cyborg?
The 2nd Summertime Blues Competition.

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