Mayhem 2: The Olympics of Death

The 1995 Macworld Marathon 2 Tournament

Bungie Software will host Mayhem 2, the second annual Marathon net-game tournament, during the January Macworld Expo in San Francisco.

Mayhem 2 takes advantage of the variety of net game scenarios in Marathon 2 to challenge all of the skills of the Marathon player. Like a homicidal Bruce Jenner, the winner of Mayhem 2 will have to dominate not only the Carnage arena, but also games of King of the Hill of and Kill the Guy with the Skull.

Each round will last 10 minutes, and will be played on a net level suitable for the event. At the end of the round, Bungie staffers will tally the scores and the winner(s) will advance to the next round. In the event of a tie, it will be settled by a Sudden Death Carnage game in the Thunderdome.

Qualifying matches, Jan. 9 & 10

108 registered players will be divided into groups of 6 and play one round of one of the three events. The players with the two highest scores will go on to the semifinals matches.

King of the Hill		Noon, 12:15 pm, 12:30 pm
Kill the Guy with the Ball 1 pm, 1:15 pm, 1:30 pm
Carnage Game 2 pm, 2:15 pm, 2:30 pm

Semifinals, Jan. 11

18 semifinalists will compete in three 6-player game of each event. The highest scoring player for each event will go on to the finals.

King of the Hill		Noon
Kill the Guy with the Ball 1 pm
Carnage Game 2 pm

Finals, Jan. 12

3 players will compete in 3 games of the 3 events. Their scores will be tallied, and the player with the highest total will be the Gold Medal Winner of the Olympics of Death.

Games start at Noon.

You can pre-register for the tournament by emailing your name, address and phone number to For pre-registration, please specify if you will arrive Tuesday or Wednesday, and in which event you prefer to start on. Once a particular event fills, you will be assigned a slot in another one. We will email you back telling you when you are slated to play.

You can also register at the show on Jan. 9 & 10 at the Bungie booth, #4071.

And to the victor go the spoils; tons of prizes, including: A new PowerMac! Zip Drives! Cyberian Outpost Gift Certificates! Inside Mac Games! Etherwaves & Timbuktoo!

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