Subj:  BUG ANSWERS from Bungie               94-11-30 19:35:42 EST
From:  BUNGIE1


Thank you all for dowloading the Marathon demo - we hope you're finding it
challenging.  We've gotten a lot of feedback, which we appreciate, and are
well aware of a couple of hitches that need to be overcome.  Below are
some answers to common questions.

1.   Background Music

To play background music, you need the extensions QuickTime 2.0 and
QuickTime Musical Instruments.  If you have these, and still have no
music, Get Info on the Marathon application and increase the memory's
Preferred Size to 5000 K.  You may want to adjust  this size up or down to
find the optimum size for your configuration.  It is _possible_ to give
Marathon too much memory, leaving none for Quicktime and the rest of the
System.  Therefore, be sure not to let Marathon take up all the memory in
your machine if you're going to use music.

In the Don'tReadMe we directed people who need QuickTime Musical
Instruments to 1-800-SOS-APPL.  Apparently the volume of calls has given
them a hard time, so henceforth you'll do better to call your local Apple
dealer.  The only way to get it directly from Apple is to purchase one of
their CD-ROM machines.

2. Mouse/Keyboard Setting

When you switch your preferences from Keyboard to Mouse/Keyboard, the
preferences stick on that setting.  In order to get back to Keyboard, you
will need to find the Marathon Preferences file (about 5k) in the
Preferences folder in your System folder, and Trash it.  The next time you
launch the game, it will default to Keyboard. This is a bug that will be
fixed.  (you can tell how much our beta tester used mouse control)

3. Networking

Networking over ARA does not work with the demo, and to avoid further
delay, it will not work with the initial version of the full game.  We're
very sorry about this, and we have canceled our vacations in order to make
an updater to fix this for owners of the game. 

On an Appletalk network, if your Gather and Join buttons are dimmed, you
may need to give Marathon more memory, as above.  Also be sure Appletalk
is active in the Chooser. 

4. Microphone

The open mic does work during network games on Macs capable of sound
input.  Hold down the mic key and speak, then release the key.  If this
doesn't work, go to your sound control panel and try recording a sound to
make sure your mic is connected properly.

5. 12" Screen

Neither the demo nor the game will work on a screen less than 13" (640 x
480 pixels) sorry.  

6. Multiple monitors

Marathon tries to run on the monitor which is set to the bit depth that
the game is currently set to (i.e. if the game is set to 8-bit (256)
color, it will try to run on whichever monitor is set for 8-bit).  If you
prefer it to run on a monitor other than the one it selects, set the one
you don't want to a different bit depth. 

7. Miscellaneous

Conflicts with AfterDark and OpenWide!, and a couple of other applications
cause the game to hang upon exit.  These will be fixed.

Cosmetic problems with the Quadra 630 acceleration mode will be fixed.

If you're having trouble turning with the left and right keys, you are
probably accidentally using mouse control - see #2.


The Macworld Mayhem tournament is filling up fast!

We are now selling a 22" x 35" full color Marathon poster for $15
including tube shipping.  Orders are being taken at and at
312.563.6200, ex.23.