The Marathon Purity Test

Check all boxes for which your answer is "yes".
The "submit" button is at the bottom.

  1. Have you ever played Marathon? (dohhh)
  2. ...Durandal?
  3. ...Infinity?
  4. Do you own all three games?
  5. ...two copies of any game?
  6. ...two copies of each game?
  7. ...three copies of any game?
  8. ...three copies of each game?
  9. Do you own the Trilogy Box?
  10. ...Action Sack?
  11. ...original, individual games?
  12. Have you finished any game on Total Carnage?
  13. ...all the games?
  14. many times that you never die anymore?
  15. Are you a Vidmaster?
  16. Own any Marathon merchandise?
  17. A T-shirt?
  18. ...that you bought (or just got) from Bungie?
  19. The Marathon Keychain?
  20. A Marathon poster?
  21. Have you found any sevens? (i.e. you were the first one who found it)
  22. ...any other easter eggs in the games?
  23. Can you spell W'rkncacnter without hesitation?
  24. Can you pronounce it?
  25. Can you see me?
  26. Can you hear me? (OK, you can work.)
  27. Do you know any Marathon cheats?
  28. Do you know that there are no cheats in Marathon?
  29. Do you know that you can check both of those boxes without being wrong?
  30. Can you name 5 levels of any game?
  31. ...of every game?
  32. Can you name 10 levels of any game?
  33. ...of every game?
  34. Can you name all the levels of any game?
  35. ...all the games?
  36. the right order?
  37. Do you know the objectives of every level in any game? (Remembering upon hearing the level name counts.)
  38. In all the games?
  39. Can you recite text from any terminal in any game?
  40. Do you know a whole terminal by heart?
  41. Do you know why the chicken crossed the road?
  42. Have you ever used a quote from Marathon (used != just yelling it?)
  43. Do you use quotes from Marathon in everyday speech?
  44. Have you ever said "Frog blast the vent core" while on TV?
  45. ...something similar? (to TV, not the phrase)
  46. Do you have a Marathon tattoo?
  47. Do you have any pets named after Marathon characters?
  48. Would you name a pet after a Marathon character?
  49. Do you like this test better than the last one? :D
  50. Do you have any kids named after Marathon characters?
  51. Would you seriously name one of your kids after a Marathon character?
  52. ...if no, not even an innocent name like Bob or Gheritt? (check box if you checked the above)
  53. Ever played Marathon against human players?
  54. ...and won?
  55. ...won without getting killed once?
  56. Ever played Marathon over TCP/IP?
  57. Ever played Marathon in coop mode?
  58. you prefer coop mode?
  59. ...because you like the storyline?
  60. Have you ever made a song based on Marathon?
  61. ...a song with lyrics?
  62. you still sing it?
  63. Have you ever played Marathon non-stop for a whole night?
  64. ...and it was not on a LAN party?
  65. ...and it was not the first time you played?
  66. Have you ever played someone else's Marathon scenario?
  67. ...and finished it?
  68. ...on Total Carnage?
  69. ...and it could be considered a large scenario?
  70. Have you ever made your own Marathon scenario?
  71. ...that could be considered large?
  72. ...that became really popular?
  73. ...that is still really popular?
  74. Have you ever found a Marathon easter egg in a non-Bungie program?
  75. ...several?
  76. Do you know all the S'pht clan names by heart?
  77. Do you know the significance of the number 2794?
  78. Did you just check if that number reduces to 7?
  79. If not, did you do it now that I mentioned it? (check if you checked the above)
  80. Have you bought Halo, mainly because of the Marathon references? =)
  81. ...ONLY because of the Marathon references?
  82. Do you wonder why step 6 is taking so so long?
  83. Have you played Pathways into Darkness, mainly because of the (few) Marathon references?
  84. ...only because of the Marathon references?
  85. Are you agonizing over Beck: Night Vision? (I'm running out of things to ask)
  86. ...even though you haven't seen it?
  87. Did you help deciphering the glyphs?
  88. Do you know something the rest of us don't.....? O.o
  89. Do you have all the Marathon songs on your computer?
  90. ...the corrected versions?
  91. Have you played the early Marathon betas?
  92. you own them?
  93. ...and you did not get them from the Trilogy Box?
  94. Have you read that Marathon book?
  95. you own it?
  96. ...did you buy it just because it had something to do with Marathon?
  97. Do you know how to use Anvil?
  98. Can you use Anvil?

Good going!