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Subject: Bungie Newsletter Correction

The recent announcement on this list of a "Marathon Gold" project is 
bogus.  Someone with more time than brains used the list to play a 
practical joke which wasn't really that funny.

It's nice to know that so many of you are still Marathon fans, but there 
is no "Marathon Gold" project in development - nor is there likely to be. 
 Unfortunately, news of the fake announcement spread like a virus but the 
truth has not been disseminated so widely, judging by the number of 
"Marathon Gold" questions we're still receiving.  So we felt it necessary 
to send another message to make sure you all know the score.

On the bright side, we have several REAL projects in development which 
are at least as cool as all three Marathon games combined, but we can't 
talk about those just yet.  Those of you who appreciate the high 
standards that Marathon set will want to keep a close eye on our web site 
over the next few months.  Myth II: Soulblighter is only the beginning.

We apologize for any confusion this incident has caused, and we thank you 
for your understanding.

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