Bungie announces winners of the Marathon Map Making Contest. All winners receive the "Bungie for Life" and runners up will get special editions of the Marathon Trilogy Box Set. Our thanks go out to all entrants and we hope that you have all had as much fun participating as we've had judging.

The winning maps are available for download here and other places on the Internet. You can also find the winners, runner ups and over 1000 cool and exciting maps on the Marathon Trilogy Box Set.


• Winner - Best Overall

Megiddo Game by James Hastings-Trew, of Saskatchewan, Canada

Intricate map, intricate shapes changes and a map that not only in part mimics a real world site but also makes it work, not many maps have done that as well as this one. Shades of Prime Target with a sprinkling of Marathon.

Download Megiddo Game (5.4 MB)


• Winner - Best Single Player

Be Quick or be Dead by Mark Hatzitaskos, of Athens, Greece

The map works - it seems as if the structures there ought to be and serve some purpose as of yet unknown. The shading could have been better but it does not detract too much from an otherwise excellent map.

Download Be Quick or be Dead (1.1 MB)


• Winner - Best Net Map

Aqualung by Liam "Anubis" Furniss, of Arcata, CA.

Fun, the water transporters work and not many maps can boast that. A great "King of the Hill" map for around four players. The more the merrier :)

Download Aqualung (97K)


• Winner - Best Use of Anvil

Reckless Endangerment by Tyson Green, of Revelstoke, B.C.

When someone comes along and does something entirely new - makes this a winner. The map is a fun net map with some cool physics. Yet, the graphics and their method of employ creates a winner and we only wish we had implemented these effects in the Trilogy.

Download Reckless Endangerment (146K)


• Winner - Best use of Forge

Missed Island by Jason Harper, of Colorado Springs, CO

Some truly amazing map making effects - ones which even had the best of us confounded for... at least for a few seconds. The "how to" levels are terrific and would have won on their own.

Download Missed Island (2.5 MB)


• Runner up - Best use of Forge

WaterWorld by Naoya Takahashi, of Nara, Japan

A sometimes beautiful and intricate design that flows well. Counting points and transparent lines probably took up the most time


• Runner up - Best Single Player

Hostile Takeover by Chuck Simciak, of Cleveland Heights, OH

The humor alone catapults the map up to this spot. Add intricate design and you have a great map.


Montsegur by Mark Gelotte, of Phoenixville, PA

Nicely laid out with some interesting puzzles and architectural features.


• Runner up - Best Net Map

Here be Dragons by David Cornwell, of Seattle, Wa

A "nice looking" map with neat lighting effects, could have done with better shading but otherwise an outstanding map.


• Runner up - Best use of Anvil

Arx Immanis by Søren Bech Jensen, of Copenhagen, Denmark

Terrific use of Anvil. Even the Infinity application has been altered. This takes us all back to the fervor of how some map makers were attacking Marathon One. A great effort and we look forward to seeing the finished product. Need we say more?


Honorable Mentions

9 minutes 37 seconds lite
BioLab 1
Chucker Brawl
Credit Hell
D&M Ultimap
Insane, in a Crazy Sort of Way
L O R O F+1
O, do not Forsake Me
Rogue Moon
Take me home
Volvox Station

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