Marathon Infinity MapMaking Contest

You may be a seasoned cartographer already, or maybe you can't even spell "map". Regardless, with Forge and Anvil you now have in hand the best tools for making Marathon maps, and once you get into it you'll be amazed at how much fun it is, and how much finesse it can take to make a map that is both great looking and fun to play.

Outstanding maps deserve to be recognized, so enter your best in the Marathon Map Making Contest, and we'll shower you with fame and prizes! All maps submitted will be judged by a select panel of Bungie Map Designers (whose identities will remain secret to protect their families) and the top three entrants will win prizes and be posted on our website. Check our website for a list of prizes.

Official Rules:

  • All submitted maps become the property of Bungie Software and may be distributed by Bungie as we see fit. No exceptions allowed.

  • You can submit one level or multiple levels (a scenario). But please limit it to 3 levels. All levels should have an entry and exit point.

  • You may submit only ONE level or scenario per person.

  • You may submit shape or sound file PATCHERS, but not entire shape or sound files.

  • All maps must be created with Forge. We will not be responsible for incompatibilities with third-party map editors.

  • Employees of Bungie Software and their families may not participate

  • Maps must be submitted by February 15, 1997.

  • Prizes will be awarded March 31, 1997

  • Please, please, please, no wagering.

    How To Submit Your Map:

    With each submission you must include your Name, Address, E-mail address, Phone Number

    By FTP/E-mail (preferred)

    1) Compress your data with Stuffit Deluxe. Make sure you include a text file with your name, address, etc.

    2) FTP to and store your file to /pub/contest or e-mail it to us as a file attachment to:

    3) Keep your submission to 1.5 megabytes or less. Larger submissions must be made by mail.

    By US Mail

    1) Put your map(s) on ONE diskette (or Zip, SyQuest, etc...). Media will not be returned.

    2) Mail it to:

       Bungie Software (attn: Map Making Contest)
       PO Box 7877
       Chicago, IL 60680-7877

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