From: (Jonas Eneroth)
Date: 1996/12/18
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Bungie's License to Vid: the gift that keeps on Vidding

As part of the Marathon Mapmaking Contest, Bungie is all goose-pimply to 
announce our most generous prize yet, the License to Vid.  This prize is 
designed to ensure one lucky winner will always have Bungie to play with.

The License to Vid entitles the holder to one free copy of every game and 
T-Shirt that Bungie publishes for five years from the issue date. When they 
obtain the license, they must register their name, address and platform 
with us. Thereafter, within 2 weeks of the shipdate of each new game we 
publish, the licensee may call to request their game. It will be shipped 
to them free of any charge. 

The license is not transferable or fungible. The registered platform and 
destination can be changed during that time following a rigorous security 
check and cavity search.

The Judges.

Well, there you have it... a wonderful prize if I do say so myself (and I
do, far too often - I really must stop muttering to myself like this).  So,
hang loose over the holiday and swamp us with some great maps.  And, if you
happen to be in the MacWorld area in January you can hand in your maps at
the Bungie booth - just ask for that "Mad Swede".  BUT - only one media
item per person, i.e. one disk of just about any kind.  Preferably a
floppy, Zip, Jaz or CD.  Punchcards are acceptable but only if you include
a reader that works.

For more info and to make a submission e-mail:

Best of luck and seasons greetings...


Jonas Eneroth
That Swedish Guy