Subject:      Marathon 2 patch soon
From: (Todd Bangerter)
Date:         1996/08/09
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OK, my news server is seriously behind the times, so I don't know if this
has been posted or not but . . .

At MacWorld, I was talking to Jonas Eneroth of Bungie, and I asked about
an update for Marathon 2 (wisely avoiding questions about a release date
for Marathon Infinity).  Jonas said that when Marathon Infinity is
released (heh heh) that they would post a patch for Marathon 2 that would
bring the M2 engine up to all the same features (read:  bug fixes) as the
Moo engine.  So now we just have to wait for Infinity . . .

-Todd Bangerter

BTW, I did ask about a release date for Infinity, but Matt just scowled at
me.  =)

-Todd Bangerter