Subject:      Re: SAY IT AIN'T SO, BUNGIE! (In defense of my
From: (David Weingarten)
Date:         1996/03/19
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Ryan (rrclark@papaya) wrote:

: I was responding to the complaints of another fellow who was upset that 
: Marathon has been released for Windows 95. His complaint, I think, was 
: selfish and immature.

Selfish, perhaps, but it's not because I want to be able to say
"we have this and you don't."  What I want is for Bungie to be
spending their time and effort making PATCHES to all the bugs that
are in M2, rather than PORTING it!  I mean, really, I wasn't terribly
happy to hear that they were working on Marathon Infinity without
first releasing some bug fixes for M2.  If they actually RELEASE
MInfinity before making some bug fixes for M2, I'm gonna be mighty

M2 is a great game, as was M1 (I'm not gonna get into the whole
M2/Quake/whatever debate, I just think M2 rocks), but I think 
Bungie is not doing real well by their loyal supporters.  It has
nothing to do with not wanting PC users to have M2; on the contrary,
that would just give me more people to kill. :)  Rather, I want
Bungie to focus on their Mac games (including making BUG FIXES),
rather than spending time and effort making a port (which is a 
pretty damn huge effort in comparison to making BUG FIXES).

                        -- David

David Weingarten
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